Swiss Vignette 2024

Swiss Vignette 2024

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    1 × Swiss Vignette handling fee (2024)
    1 × Swiss Vignette 2024
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    The Swiss motorway ticket is required when driving through Switzerland in your own vehicle.

    ✓ The Swiss motorway vignette allows you to use the Swiss motorway network with your private vehicle
    ✓ The vignette is valid between 1st December of the previous year and 31st January of the following year
    ✓ If taking a trailer or a caravan, you will need to purchase an extra vignette
    ✓ Pre-paying for your vignettes saves time at border crossings
    ✓ Free shipping to your address within a week

    The vignette price does not include driving through the following tunnels:
    + Grand St. Bernhard Tunnel
    + Munt la Schera.

    A special toll must be paid locally.

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